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24.11.2022 Event for International Job Seekers by Talent Hub | Registration form for students and talents

Not currently a student
I'm interested to participate to the TE-live workshop
TE-live spreads information about the open jobs and employment issues in Finland also in English. We want to support international students in finding a career path in Finland. Come to help us and your fellow international students to create even more interesting and informative broadcasts in the future! TE-live wants to develop the content of its international recruitment and informative broadcasts. We would like to carry out a small workshop with 10 to 20 international talents (preferably from different nationalities, backgrounds and phases of their studies) to assess content and value of the recruitment and informative broadcasts. You will be able to give improvement suggestions to them and then draft your own content in groups for a recruitment and info broadcasts that would be interesting and valuable for you to hear. More specific information will be given to the talent/s later about the task.
I'm interested to participate to the International Talent day
The International Talent Day is a low-threshold introduction day for companies and international talents. On the International Talent Day, international talent visit a company from Northern Savonia for a day.