Export2X export programme

The Export2X export programme is a two-year coaching development programme for SMEs.

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Export2X’s operations are made possible by the Export2X – Developing SMEs’ capabilities for international markets project (S22805), which receives support from the European Social Fund (ESF).

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Exporting your business to the world – Apply for the Export2X export programme!

The company application period for the Export2X export programme of the Kuopio Region Chamber of Commerce has started!

The Export2X export programme is a two-year coaching development programme for SMEs that are planning, starting, or restarting their weakened exports. The starting point of the programme is the North Savo export path*.

The Chamber of Commerce’s Export2X export programme enables companies to develop their export expertise with the guidance of highly skilled experts. Concrete coaching, peer learning, growth partners and the Chamber of Commerce’s extensive networks provide companies with a high-quality export expertise development package.

How does your company benefit from the Export2X programme?

  1. In-depth analysis of the current state of the company’s export capabilities

    A QUUM analysis is prepared for the company, which is a unique tool for determining the current state of the company’s internationalisation capabilities. A QUUM analysis provides a thorough understanding of the requirements of international business and helps to identify the development needs of a company in preparation for a profitable and growth-oriented business abroad. At the same time, the analysis helps to understand the company’s export-related strengths.

  2. Board analysis from the point of view of growth and exports

    In achieving export targets, it is also important to recognise the understanding and commitment of the company management with regard to the export targets. In cooperation with Hallituspartnerit Itä-Suomi ry, companies participating in the Export2X export programme will be provided with a company-specific board analysis, which helps to outline the Board’s common view on the strategic starting points of exports.

  3. Concrete tools to be implemented in the daily life of the company

    Based on the company analyses, a coaching programme will be built for the company group. Through coaching, the preconditions are created for transferring export expertise from the company’s key personnel to the company’s export processes. During the Export2X training days, the export themes are approached in a concrete way: the subjects related to the export themes are handled as small group work and under the guidance of a coach.

  4. A growth partner supporting the company’s development

    The growth partners are specialists, representatives and managers selected from the networks of the Kuopio Region Chamber of Commerce, who themselves have successful experience in exports or knowledge in operating in international markets. For the duration of the export programme, a growth partner will be appointed for each company, to support the development of export expertise.

  5. Growing networks and peer support from the company group

    In the Export2X export programme, companies get to network not only with other export-oriented companies in the area, but also with the Chamber of Commerce network and regional operators. The region’s most significant growth company and networking events supporting internationalisation, such as Tahko Ski Lift Pitch and Sawosta maailmalle (From Sawo to the world), also provide an avenue for international connections.

  6. Regional operators

    During the training programme, companies will be guided in the recognition of the overall service offering of the regional operators in North Savo. During the Export2X export programme, an annual clock will be created for the area’s topical export and growth services. Companies can find relevant services more easily, in a timely manner.

  7. Monitoring of development

    At the end of the training programme, a monitor analysis of the development of export expertise will be prepared for companies. The company can see the arc of its development in concrete terms during the two-year training programme and can thus prioritise the next areas of expertise development that are important for the export process.

  8. Visibility in the Chamber of Commerce’s channels

    The companies selected for the Export2X programme are highlighted in the communications of the Kuopio Region Chamber of Commerce.

Companies selected for the programme are required to have:

  1. Courage and the desire to grow
  2. The operative management’s will and commitment with regard to the development of the company’s competence
  3. An interest in developing internationally
  4. A business model with potential for new markets

Areas such as consideration of the green transition perspective and digitalisation in business or in the export product or service can be considered in favour of a company’s selection. A maximum of 35 companies are selected for the programme each year.


The cost for participating in the programme is EUR 200 +VAT for the company.

*The North Savo Export Path publication is based on the Elintarvikealan vientipolku (Food Industry Export Path) model previously published by MTK and Team Finland.

For more information, please contact:

Tiina Hartikainen


+35844 513 2904

Marja Pietiläinen

Community Coordinator

+358 40 647 6680

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