North Savo Export Path

The aim of the Kuopio Region Chamber of Commerce is to double the number of export companies in the North Savo region by 2030. The goal must be turned into a shared vision for all operators in the region.

The North Savo Export Path was built as part of the Export2X roadmap work in cooperation with North Savo’s Team Finland and business service network. The work was carried out in its entirety in the ‘North Savo roadmap for increasing the number of export companies’ project from 1 January to 30 November 2021. The project was implemented primarily by the Kuopio Region Chamber of Commerce and funded by EU co-financing and the South Savo ELY Centre.

North Savo Export Path

The exports of the future are not only physical products, but there is also a growing demand for our expertise. As the world changes, opportunities are opening up for more and more companies for international cooperation and trade.

In North Savo, we believe that we can double the number of export companies in our region by 2030. This will have a positive effect on the growth and well-being of our entire region.

The world is changing faster than ever, so the journey to the goal will be fast-paced. Your company can have huge latent export potential in the global market – the key is to identify what kind of expertise your company’s internationalisation needs. Success is built on capabilities that meet market demand and develop in an agile manner.

The most important thing is to take the right steps. We built the North Savo Export Path, which serves as an excellent export driver for your company.

The export path is not chronological; rather, the company can use it according to its needs. The company proceeds along the path in accordance with its strategy.

In cooperation with Team Finland’s operators, we added advice to the publication that will help your company plan the export process and its timeframe. The source used is Team Finland and MTK’s Elintarvikealan vientipolku (Food Industry Export Path) publication.

We hope that with the help of the Export Path, we can help your company develop in exports, find the right service in a timely manner, and clarify the role and services of different operators at different stages of internationalisation.

Export2X roadmap

The guidelines of the Export2X roadmap show our actions towards our goal of doubling the number of export companies by 2030. We sought solutions through extensive research, the most important of which were the data collected from the pilot companies, a survey commissioned for business and municipal decision-makers in North Savo, and the work of the members of the committee of the Kuopio Region Chamber of Commerce.

We have built our goals on a basis that is realistic to aspire to collectively. In the Export2X mission, we aim to have 250 new export companies in the region by 2030. Our goal is to put 30 North Savo companies on the export path every year from 2022 onwards.

We started the implementation of the mission in 2021 together with thirty pilot companies. We analysed their level of international maturity and the key skills gaps. Based on these, we built the North Savo Export Path model.

We built a roadmap of key focus areas through which we enable companies’ ability to start exporting and grow on the export path. The roadmap serves as a regional framework for companies’ individual export paths.

Applications for the Export2X export programme are open!

The Export2X export programme is a two-year coaching development programme for SMEs that are planning, starting, or restarting their weakened exports. The starting point of the programme is the North Savo export path.

The Chamber of Commerce’s Export2X export programme enables companies to develop their export expertise with the guidance of highly skilled experts. Concrete coaching, peer learning, growth partners and the Chamber of Commerce’s extensive networks provide companies with a high-quality skills development package.

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