Membership of the Chamber of Commerce

The Chamber of Commerce membership offers your company a new channel for influencing and supports your company’s growth and internationalization. The Chamber of Commerce does active advocacy work on behalf of the companies and economic life in the area. As a member, your employees gain access to a wide range of services for influencing, networking, developing competence and internationalizing.

Become a member of the Kuopio Region Chamber of Commerce

Join the Chamber of Commerce committees

The Kuopio Region Chamber of Commerce has a large community of representatives and an influential network of stakeholders with which we cooperate closely to promote the competitiveness of companies in the area.

The committees work together to tackle the challenges of economic life in Pohjois-Savo and bring attention to local areas for development.

Learn more about the Chamber of Commerce training courses and events

We organize a diverse selection of high-quality training courses and interesting events.

Benefit from being a member of the Chamber of Commerce

The Kuopio Region Chamber of Commerce is a driving force for growth and vitality in our area. Would you like to be a part of our active network and guarantee your company’s future success?

The Kuopio Region Chamber of Commerce has more than 900 organizations as members in the Kuopio, Varkaus and Iisalmi regions. The members of the Chamber of Commerce represent more than 50% of the turnover of the businesses in the Northern Savonia region. In addition to companies, the members of the Chamber of Commerce include municipalities, cities, educational institutions and communities. Our broad membership base guarantees real influencing opportunities and versatile networking.

What does the Chamber of Commerce membership entail?

Be influential with us

We bring together different companies and organizations and offer an effective channel for influencing. We listen to the needs of our member companies and relay their messages to decision-makers. We put companies’ initiatives into practice and collaborate with our members to influence the growth and competitiveness of the economic life in our area.​


By being a member, you get to network with the most important and interesting business representatives. We organize high-quality events for members, where topical themes bring our members together for effective networking. During Chamber of Commerce events, you make intriguing contacts and meet with potential partners and clients – discover growth opportunities through new contacts.

Develop the talent in your company

In our topical training courses, the employees of our member companies get to develop their professional skills. Our broad range of online training courses ensures agile learning anywhere and anytime. As a Chamber of Commerce member, the employees of your company are always entitled to the training courses at a reduced membership rate.

Grow and internationalize

We promote the growth and internationalization of companies. The Tahko Ski Lift Pitch event helps startups become growth companies and the Sawosta Maailmalle event inspires and offers practical support in internationalization.

The Chamber of Commerce is an organization for its members

The Chamber of Commerce membership benefits every company and organization. We advocate for all of our members regardless of their industry and the size of their company. Member companies are never alone – as a member, you get to conduct your business as part of a strong network.

Join our network of members and actively engage in the activities of the Chamber of Commerce – get the most from your membership!

The Chamber of Commerce membership fee

Our membership fee is collected each calendar year. The fee is based on the organization’s number of employees in the Kuopio region.

Number of employees
2000 or more
Individual member

Membership fee/year
€1, 232
€2, 304
€4, 448
€6, 590
€8, 733

Learn more about the members of the Chamber of Commerce by checking out KauppakamariVerkosto


“The Chamber of Commerce membership is important to us, as it allows us to collaborate with others to influence our operational environment. The Chamber of Commerce provides excellent opportunities to join forces and achieve great things. For example, availability of competent labor, internationalism and environmental considerations are all themes that we at Genelec have in common with the Chamber of Commerce and which are strongly presented in both of our strategies.

Siamak Naghian
Managing Director, Genelec Oy