We bring together different companies and organizations and offer our members an effective channel for influencing. We listen to the needs of our member companies and relay their messages to decision-makers. We put companies’ initiatives into practice and collaborate with our members to influence the growth and competitiveness of the economic life in our area.

Active advocacy work for members

We do active advocacy work with our members to develop economic life on a local, national and international level.

The member companies of the Chamber of Commerce are at the core of our advocacy work. We use our communications channels to inform companies about legislation and developments that affect their operational environment and influence decision-making by making companies’ voices heard.

The Chamber of Commerce advocacy work centers around maintaining and developing functional transport connections, promoting availability of skilled labor in our area and ensuring the vitality of regions and cities.

Current topics in the Chamber of Commerce advocacy work

Transport infrastructure in the eastern regions of Finland

• Highways 5 and 6
• Savonian and Karelian railways, Itärata eastern rail link
• Transverse connections and lower road network
• Saimaa Canal

Availability of skilled labor

​Growth, vitality and the attraction and retention capability of the region/cities

• Flight connections
• Pohjois-Savon uuden kasvun suunnitelma (a plan for new growth in Pohjois-Savo) 2020–2022
• Welfare technology
• Green business
• Development of international business and tourism

Do you have any questions about our advocacy work? Contact us:

Kaija Savolainen

Managing Director

+358 44 514 8784